9 of the best albums from March 2024

It’s the end of March, which means Easter Bank Holiday is officially here (sorry, freelancers)! Whether you’re planning a weekend away or having a chill one, this month’s album releases have us sorted for whatever vibe the days ahead might bring. OK disclaimer: the selection is… varied. We’ve got Ariana Grande’s triumphant return, eternal sunshine, marking the singer’s Saturn return, and the collapse of a romantic relationship with hopes of another on the horizon. Then there’s Bladee and Yung Lean’s Psykos, which sees the pair unite for their first full-length project (read the behind-the-scenes here), and Kim Gordon’s second solo album The Collective, which sounds exactly like TikTok (just listen to it). 

Elsewhere, Jlin’s Akoma is a dazzling third album featuring high-precision footwork futurism and appearances by the likes of Björk and Philip Glass. Internet favourite SEBii shares a glitch-inducing new album VVSS2, while Bolis Pu explores his Hong Kong heritage on his debut solo, Letter To Yu, a club-ready selection of tunes primed for the dancefloor. London-based sound artist Nexcyia delivers a beautifully intimate record, Endless Path of Memory, and Vegyn is back with a five-track EP, featuring the likes of John Glacier and Lauren Auder. Take a listen below.

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