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After the stroke: strengthening support against the risk of depression

Cardiovascular disease specialists are calling for increased psychological support for stroke patients. Details from Géraldine Zamansky, journalist at the Health Magazine on France 5.

franceinfo: A new study shows that the risk of depression is very high after a stroke?

Geraldine Zamansky: Absolutely, depression affects more than half of people who have gone through a stroke. And above all, this threat remains very strong for 5 years.

This is the latest assessment, published in the Lancetfrom the follow-up of 6641 British patients, up to 18 years after their stroke. That is to say, brain damage caused by a blocked blood vessel or hemorrhage. With varying symptoms depending on the part affected, such as a half-paralyzed face, or impaired movement, speech or vision. You have to call 15 very quickly.

But after this state of emergency, are there other symptoms that relatives and caregivers must now pay attention to?

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