America renews its commitment to supporting the people of Haiti to address the current crisis

The United States renewed its commitment to supporting the people of Haiti and its recognition of the positive role that American civil society can play in ensuring a successful and sustainable solution to the current crisis in Haiti.


This came, according to What the White House published on its website, today, Saturday, during a meeting between US Presidential Assistant and Principal Deputy National Security Advisor John Feiner with leaders of black civil rights groups in the United States to hold a dialogue about the crisis in Haiti and US efforts to support the Haitian people.


Feiner stressed the US administration’s commitment to ensuring a better future for Haiti and outlined the steps the United States has taken to work with Haitian stakeholders and international partners to address instability in Haiti, including by supporting multiple security supports. UN-licensed nationalities.

In addition, White House officials shared US President Joe Biden’s authorization to provide urgently needed assistance to Haitian security forces to help protect civilians and critical infrastructure against organized and targeted guerrilla attacks. 

During the conversation, Feiner reiterated the United States’ determination to work with Haitian and international partners over the long term to advance democratic governance, citizen security, and economic progress in Haiti. 


According to the White House statement, the United States remains the largest single donor of humanitarian aid to Haiti, having provided more than $170 million since October 2022.

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