An African panorama and a special Ramadan night organized by the Egyptian Africans EABA

With diplomatic participation and government presence, an African Ramadan night with the business community

Al-Sharqawi: We seek greater African rapprochement in order to strengthen the partnership of the Egyptian-African Businessmen Association

In continuation of the efforts and activities in place and the distinguished relations between the Egyptian-African Businessmen Association and its partners strategists; The Egyptian African Businessmen Association organized a special Suhoor and Ramadan night, at the forefront of the attendance was Ambassador Ihab Awad, Assistant Minister of Foreign Affairs  for African Affairs, Ambassador Ashraf Ibrahim, Assistant Minister of Foreign Affairs and Secretary-General of the Egyptian Agency for Development, Cameroon’s Ambassador to Cairo and Dean of African Diplomacy in Cairo, Head of the Egyptian Commercial Representation Authority, First Undersecretary of the Ministry, Minister Plenipotentiary Yahya Al-Watheq Billah, Major General Essam Al-Najjar, Head of the Export and Import Control Authority, and Dr. Khaled Al-Sofi, Chairman of the Egyptian Authority for Standardization and Quality, and Representative Mohamed Kamal Marei, Chairman of the Small and Medium Enterprises Committee in the House of Representatives. Heads and members of diplomatic missions from about 30 African countries, and senior public figures, also participated in the ceremony. With the participation of the first row of more than 15 government agencies, including Egyptian and African ministries, agencies and organizations, and a large number of the Egyptian financial and business community and media leaders.

This event comes as part of the series of annual activities and initiatives of the Egyptian-African Businessmen Association, during the month of Ramadan. Blessed. These suhoors and Ramadan events reflect the positive spirit of cooperation and continuous communication between Egypt and the countries of the African continent.

Dr. Yousry El-Sharqawi, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Egyptian-African Businessmen Association, stressed the importance of strengthening economic and trade relations between Egypt and the rest of the sister countries of the African continent. Pointing out that these events represent an ideal opportunity to communicate and build bridges between businessmen and decision-makers in the two countries, stressing the association’s role in enhancing trade and investment exchange between the public and private sectors in Egypt and the rest of the African continent.

Al-Sharqawi added, stressing: We present A model of sustainable communication in order to reach clear points of rapprochement between the private sector and the African financial and business community.

The association has aimed, since its inception, to achieve a clear addition and imprint. It takes advantage of all important occasions to organize such meetings, the results of which we have seen clearly. Positive through what we have achieved on the ground in introducing the products, goods, services and raw materials that we can exchange together between the African private sector.

He expressed his happiness, saying: I take this opportunity to praise many of the African ambassadors to Egypt. Who provide us with tenders, auctions and investment opportunities every day, and facilitate travel procedures for many of our partners. He also extended his full thanks to the Egyptian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and all the ambassadors, heads and members of missions in Africa for all the help and support in order to fully achieve the association’s objectives.

< p>Noting the results  The amazing achievements the association has achieved during this fruitful journey. He mentioned that we have signed more than twenty cooperation protocols with various parties on the continent, and we will launch an ambitious project such as "FATA" this year. With the presence of nineteen representatives in nineteen African countries, we certainly possess a huge database that includes more than one hundred thousand updated email addresses, and we are committed to continuing on this successful path.

The suhoor included meetings and constructive discussions. On ways to enhance economic and trade cooperation between Egypt and various African countries, in addition to reviewing joint investment and trade opportunities.

The night witnessed a new idea entitled African Panorama to shed light on trade and investment opportunities in each participating country to reflect the extent of the attendees’ interest in learning about On the cultures of African countries and the opportunities available therein, this is a new tradition that may better reflect the benefit of the gatherings of the financial and business community.

A group of valuable Ramadan gifts were also presented, represented in notes and detailed studies about African countries. These studies were presented with great care, as they contained important data for exporters and importers, and in-depth analyzes of investment opportunities on the African continent in order to enhance  Awareness of the promising economic opportunities on the African continent and enhancing communication between businessmen in Egypt and the rest of the African continent.

In this context, the attendees praised the efforts made to strengthen relations between Egypt and the rest of the African continent, stressing the importance of strengthening regional cooperation to achieve Sustainable development and enhancing stability in the region.

This elegant diplomatic suhoor reflects the commitment of the Egyptian-African Businessmen Association to strengthening cultural and economic ties between Egypt and the countries of the African continent, and its emphasis on the importance of building bridges of communication and cooperation to achieve sustainable development and common prosperity.

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