Antonina Favorskaya was officially charged with extremism

SOTAvision journalist Antonina Favorskaya was officially charged with participation in an extremist community, reports human rights project “OVD-Info”.

Favorskaya is charged with posting certain posts on the platforms of Alexei Navalny’s Anti-Corruption Foundation, which is recognized by the Russian authorities as an extremist organization. It is reported that on Friday, March 29, the Basmanny Court of Moscow will choose a preventive measure for the journalist. She is now in a temporary detention center.

Yulia Navalnaya’s press secretary, Kira Yarmysh, wrote in X that Favorskaya did not publish anything for FBK.

Favorskaya was detained on March 17 in a cafe after visiting the grave of Alexei Navalny at the Borisov Cemetery – due to an anonymous call about an unknown crime committed. The next day, she was arrested for 10 days under the article of disobedience to the police: Favorskaya allegedly refused to show them documents, “defiantly waved her arms, grabbed her uniform and tried to run away.”

On March 27, the journalist was supposed to leave the Moscow special detention center “Sakharovo”, but on her way out she was again detained and taken home for a search. Photographer Alexandra Astakhova and journalist Anastasia Musatova, who met Favorskaya, were also detained. They were also subjected to searches and interrogations, after which they were released as witnesses.

  • Antonina Favorskaya covered court hearings on the claims of Alexei Navalny in Vladimir and Kovrov. A month before the death of the politician, the journalist went to Kharp to film reportage about the city where the colony is located, where Navalny was transferred. It was Favorskaya who shot the last video with the oppositionist on February 15.
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