Belgium allocates 100 million euros to Ukraine for the maintenance of F-16 fighter aircraft

The Belgian government announced today, Saturday, its intention to allocate 100 million euros in aid to Ukraine for the maintenance of F-16 fighter aircraft that will be delivered to Kiev soon to confront Russian military operations, as part of the 25th military aid plan to Ukraine.


Belgian Defense Minister Ludivine Didondre announced in a press conference reported by the “Brussels Times” newspaper: On its website, the Belgian government stated that the Belgian government approved the twenty-fifth military aid plan for Ukraine. This plan includes a commitment of 100 million euros to maintain the F-16 fleet currently being built in Ukraine. 


Belgium is among the 13 member states of the coalition. Western aid to Kiev is testing the F-16 aircraft initiative under the umbrella of the coalition and led by the Netherlands, Denmark and the United States.

Dedondre confirmed that Belgium and its defense sector will continue to support Ukraine in its struggle to regain its lands…according to her.


She continued that her country will not only train Ukrainian technicians in the operational maintenance of the F-16 fleet, but will also participate in training and preparing future pilots for this high-performance capability and advanced technology for aircraft of this type, which is currently ongoing in Denmark. During the unexpected visit of Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky to Brussels last October, the Belgian government also pledged to transfer Belgian F-16 aircraft to Ukraine in 2024. However, this decision will need to be finalized. Confirmation by the government that was in power at the time.

Also, Belgium intends to provide military assistance to Ukraine worth 611 million euros and participate in six alliances to support the armed forces and train Ukrainian soldiers.  

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