Catherine Cooke sworn in to complete David Robinson’s term on BC school board


Catherine Cooke, who won the District 2 primary earlier this month, was chosen by the county Republican Party to fill Robinson’s term after his unexpected death last month, a week before the primary. Robinson was the incumbent in the Republican primary race, who championed Brunswick County and its educational leaders to shape “the future of the next generation of Brunswick children.”


Robinson took over Cooke’s position in 2020, after serving on the school board for 12 years. Cooke was sworn in before Judge Pauline Hankins, who welcomed him.


“Catherine, I’m happy you can return to the school board,” Hankins said before being sworn in, as the board and Cooke’s family looked on. “I hope for even greater things…and I ask God to strengthen you and focus you.”


Cooke told PCD in January in his election questionnaire that his main concern upon returning to the stand was “ensuring gaps in education since COVID are addressed and long-term success is achieved for all students.”


In addition to facing Robinson, Cooke was running against Republican Rick Hessman. He won the March 5 primary election with 41.8% of the vote.


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