Celine Dion ready to get back together? “I’m not the type who arouses passion”

Happy birthday Celine Dion! This March 30, the Quebec diva celebrates her 56th birthday. Widowed for 8 years already, could the star consider having a new companion? Nothing is less certain…

And one more candle for Céline Dion. The interpreter of my heart Will Go On is now 56 years old. While she has made numerous media appearances lately, showing reassurance about her state of health – she is fighting against stiff person syndrome -, it is almost systematically with her sons that we see her. Still no new companion on his arm? The diva from Charlemagne (Quebec) has a decided opinion on her vision of couples and love.

Céline Dion widowed since 2016 and ready to replace René?

On January 14, 2016, Céline Dion lost the man of her life: René Angélil. Her husband and manager died at age 73, in their Las Vegas home, from cancer. Since then, she has led her solo career in the music industry and her fight against illness. She married René in 1994, in a grandiose wedding in Montreal; a second vow renewal ceremony took place in Vegas, in an oriental style, in 2000.

I am, in life and in death, the wife of one man. I’ve never had another love, never another lover, just a few insignificant little flirtations when I was fifteen or sixteen. I vaguely remember having a crush on a hockey player who probably never knew anything about it and whose name I’m not sure I remembered“, she wrote in her official biography, My life, my dream. Should we understand that the woman who was once believed to be having an affair with the handsome Spanish dancer Pepe Munoz – who is homosexual – will never go on dates again to find a new companion?

Celine Dion and her physique: a barrier to dating?

Will the singer with 250 million albums sold end her life as a widow? The mother of René-Charles (23 years old) and the twins Nelson and Eddy (13 years old) several times had the opportunity to say after René’s death that she did not see herself with another man but there is a reason for that…

I’m not a woman who gets hit on. Never (…) Maybe I’m not the kind of woman who arouses passion in men. I have nothing of a tease, or I don’t realize it (…) All my feminine charm, all the sex appeal that I can have with men, I have undoubtedly invested it in the conquest of René Angélil“, added the interpreter ofone more evening in his biography. Céline Dion, whose particular younger teeth had earned her the odious nickname of Canine Dion, added: “Many women my age have already had many lovers. I don’t envy them, I don’t judge them either. I simply chose to experience something else.” That says a lot.

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