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Dating sites: Germany advises its nationals against traveling to Russia after flirting online

In Germany, the authorities have issued an unprecedented warning to fans of dating sites. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs advises its nationals against traveling to Russia after flirting virtually on a site. The warning was published on Thursday March 28 on the ministry’s Instagram account. The authorities also mention an increase in internet scams targeting European and American nationals.

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Beware of the trap of online dating: this is in essence the warning issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, which calls on users of dating sites like Tinder, Hinge or Bumble to be wary of fake profiles. “For a first date with an online flirt, Russia is not the best destination”we read on the Instagram account.

“It’s not like in Hollywood films”

The ministry cites increasingly frequent arbitrary arrests. The reasons given are most often futile, such as details found on social networks, a post, a photo or the mention of the word “war” in a comment, even an old one. “Any criticism of Putin or the Russian war of aggression against Ukraine” can lead to years in prison, writes the ministry.

According to the latest figures made public, around thirty Germans are imprisoned in Russia, but the real number could be higher according to the government. The authorities also warn that in the event of arrest, diplomacy has its limits. “It’s not like in Hollywood movies, we can’t get you out of prison anywhere”concludes the ministry.

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