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Easter: chocolate "anti-waste" to fight inflation

This year, the Easter egg hunt is not as traditional as it seems for the Renauds. In the garden, there are eggs and a rabbit, but these chocolates were destined for the trash. A few hours before, this family received their order from an “anti-waste” site. This is the first year that they celebrate Easter this way: no more chocolates bought in supermarkets.

The idea of ​​the anti-waste basket comes from Clément Méry and his partner. In their Parisian anti-waste Willy warehouse, they offer hundreds of references, just like in the supermarket. For the first time, they are also offering around ten Easter chocolates. These products were bought back from brands that were on the verge of destroying them because of small defects or expiry dates that were too close. “There is no health risk, these are products with packaging problems, labels, recipe changes, but there is no reason to throw them in the trash because they are still excellent .“300 kilos of chocolate were saved this year and resold at up to half the price of supermarkets.

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