Employees of the LGBT club in Orenburg were included in the list of extremists

Rosfinmonitoring added to the list of terrorists and extremists the art director and administrator of the Orenburg nightclub Pose, which was complained about because of LGBT propaganda. The names of Diana Kamilyanova and Alexander Klimov published on the department’s website. Their accounts in Russian banks should be blocked.

Earlier in March, a court in Orenburg sent Kamilyanova and Klimov under arrest in the case of creating a branch of an extremist organization. We are talking about a non-existent “international public association of LGBT people”, previously banned by the Russian authorities.

The investigation established that the accused ensured the operation of the Pose bar, “being persons with a non-traditional sexual orientation, acting as a group of persons in a preliminary conspiracy with persons unidentified by the investigation, who also support the views and activities of a banned international public association.”

The “International LGBT Social Movement” was banned in Russia in November by a decision of the Supreme Court at the request of the Ministry of Justice. The banned organization does not actually exist, but the court decided that LGBT+ activists around the world share common characteristics that can be considered participation in the same movement.

Collaboration with extremist organizations in Russia is subject to criminal prosecution. Employees of the Orenburg club face up to 10 years in prison.

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