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Endometriosis: "[L'hystérectomie] was a complicated choice, because it is irreversible"explains singer Lorie

On average, it takes seven years to diagnoseendometriosis, this chronic disease which affects one in ten women. The singer, actress and director has had a career for more than 20 years, and fights daily against this pathology. “The endometrium migrates outside the uterus”, specifies the singer on the set of 12/13 info Thursday March 28. After years of keeping quiet about this pathology, the singer finally decided to make this fight public, notably through her book entitled “Revivre”.

While endometriosis is the leading cause of infertility in women, Lorie Pester and her partner finally managed to have a little girl named Nina. And after a long journey, to put an end to “excruciating pain”, Lorie Pester made a radical choice, that of undergoing a hysterectomy. “[L’hystérectomie] was a complicated choice, because it is irreversible”she specifies.

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