Eternal pollutants: a bill examined in the Assembly to reduce their use "superfluous" from 2025

Dangerous and very persistent, PFAS represent several thousand substances targeted by a bill of the environmentalist deputy Nicolas Thierry. This proposes to ban the majority of uses of PFAS, gradually from 2025. The text is examined on Wednesday March 27 in committee at the National Assembly.


Behind this acronym PFAS hides per- and polyfluoroalkyls, a very large family of molecules manufactured by humans. These chemical compounds have the particularity of having extremely strong bonds between carbon and fluorine atoms, which gives them exceptional characteristics of resistance to heat, light and even acidity. These properties are highly sought after by the entire industry and we therefore find PFAS almost everywhere around us: non-stick pans and baking paper, waterproof clothing, cosmetics, certain food packaging, fire-fighting foams, medical equipment. … These molecules, used since the 1940s, are omnipresent and, it must be said, very useful.



But these very resistant chemical compounds take decades to degrade. They therefore accumulate in our environment and our body. Bad for health, it has been proven that PFAS can cause cancer (testicular or kidney), growth problems, fertility or immune system failure. An observation that is all the more worrying given that these eternal pollutants, through their use and release into nature by the chemical industry, are even found in tap water or our food.

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