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European Parliament: MEPs paid to carry out Russian propaganda?

An investigation, initiated by Czech intelligence services, has highlighted a vast network of Russian influence within the European Parliament.

The European Parliament is at the heart of the turmoil, because the accusation is serious. Does Vladimir Putin have agents of influence among MEPs? “Yes”declared the Belgian Prime Minister bluntly in front of Parliament. “We have seen that Russia approached MEPs and paid them to carry out Russian propaganda”, he declared, while the Belgian authorities did not name any names. The investigation was initiated by the Czech intelligence services, with the uncovering of a vast network of Russian influence.

There was a website called ““. Based in Prague (Czech Republic), now closed, it belonged to Victor Medvedtchouk, Russian oligarch. Although the site no longer exists, “Voice-of-europe” videos are circulating on the Internet, on which many MPs from far right are interviewed there, like the French Patricia Chagnon. “I have been alerting the European Parliament to attempts at Russian interference within our institution for years”testifies Nathalie Loiseau, MEP.

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