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Food: bagged salads pinned by "60 Million consumers"

It’s no surprise, and it’s often said, “quickly done” is popular with the French, and this is confirmed once again with ready-to-use vegetables, carrots, green beans, cauliflower, fresh, washed, peeled and packaged in bags!

This is even more true with salads: 7 out of 10 French people eat them. Except that the quality leaves something to be desired! In its April issue of 60 Million consumers, the monthly magazine tested 26 products – 13 lettuces and 13 lamb’s lettuce in bags – and the observation was that many were loaded with pesticide residues. Decryption with Patricia Chairopoulous, after tests and analyzes on 26 references of bagged salads.

franceinfo: What exactly were you looking for?

Patricia Chairopoulous, editor-in-chief: We subjected the samples of these 26 salads to laboratory analyzes in order to search for pesticide residues and quantify them. As they are fragile products, exposed to diseases that are difficult to treat, their cultivation requires frequent use of fungicides and insecticides. We also measured the residues of chlorine solution, used in factories, to wash salads before putting them in bags.

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