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Food: UFC-Que Choisir denounces opacity on the origin of the ingredients of prepared dishes

Carbonara pasta, croque monsieur or three cheese tart: so many prepared dishes which highlight the tricolor colors on an ingredient or specify that they were manufactured by a French company. But upon closer inspection, the origin of the ingredients is not always clear. “I find that we are really poorly informed, and that the regulations are not strict enough at this level”confides one consumer in particular.

According to a UFC-Que Choisir survey, for 69% of ingredients, opacity reigns as to their origin. At the top of the list are vegetables and cereals, which have no precise stipulated origin at 84%. In second and third place are poultry (64%) and pork (38%) respectively. The government wishes to correct this lack of transparency by introducing a new “origin info” visual to detail the origin of ingredients. Problem: it will not be binding. The government wants the “origin info” visual to be introduced for prepared dishes by this summer.

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