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franceinfo junior. What is endometriosis?

It is an illness that has long been ignored, poorly understood, poorly diagnosed, yet endometriosis affects nearly one in ten women of childbearing age. This March 28 is the world day against this chronic disease. Students from Compère Morel college in Breteuil in Oise question Lorie Pester, singer and author of a book Relive on the endometriosis and adenomyosis from which she suffers.

Mélina and Léonie would like to know what endometriosis is “I heard it can affect women and teenagers.”

Léonie then continues, “Can it be dangerous for our body?” before mentioning, for example, infertility and severe pain. “How can we know at home if we have symptoms or not?” also asks the schoolgirl.

Speaking of treatment, Elerina wants to know if this disease can be cured. Then Mélina wonders “If it’s not treated, will we have the symptoms for the rest of our lives?”

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