Gomez talks about facing Modern Future

The Portuguese Jose Gomez, the coach of the first football team at Zamalek Club, stressed the importance of the Modern Future match scheduled for tomorrow, Sunday, in the first leg of the quarter-finals of the African Confederation Cup.

The coach said in the press conference before the match: " We know that we will face a strong and very organized competitor, and the match is very important, and we must do our best, and we are looking forward to achieving victory in order to enter the return match comfortably.”

Gomez added: “ Modern Future has many strengths in defense and building attacks, and we have to be in the best condition to win the match and get close to qualifying for the next round.” He continued, saying: " The Future players are excited because they are playing in the quarter-finals and they have a teammate who is suffering from a health problem and they want to give the best performance for him. What concerns us is the way they play and how to stop their danger and exploit the opponent’s weaknesses.”

The technical director said: “ I am not a Muslim, but I respect Islamic occasions, and Ramadan is a month for the family in Egypt, and therefore we did not organize a camp during the downtime, especially since the players went through training seriously and with focus, and the board of directors provided the team with everything, and we made the most appropriate decision from my point of view.”

With regard to excluding some players from the list that will play tomorrow’s match, Gomez said: " I choose the list based on my needs for the match, and Nasser Mansi, Abdullah Al-Saeed and Saif Jaafar are not registered in the African list, and it was difficult to choose the remaining elements, and this is a good sign because it reflects the good condition that everyone was in.. and he continued: “ Mahmoud Alaa is not always outside the list, and he started the last match as a starter, but I cannot include all the players in the list, and choose the most appropriate group for the match.”

Gomez concluded his statements by saying: “Ahmed Mustafa “Zizou” “A professional player par excellence, not only because of his talent, but because of his professional behavior and abundant effort.”  The Zamalek club’s first football team is preparing to face Modern Future, scheduled for 9 pm tomorrow, Sunday, at Al Salam Stadium, in the first leg of the quarter-finals of the African Confederation Cup at Al Salam Stadium, with the return match between the two teams to be held on April 7 at Cairo Stadium.

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