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Haiti: French people repatriated urgently

More than 260 French people have been evacuated from Haiti as Port-au-Prince is gripped by gang violence and commercial air links with the capital are disrupted.

Philippe Martini was to be one of more than 260 French nationals to be exfiltrated from the island of Haiti. A Martinican, he has lived for five years in Arcahaie, a town located north of the capital, Port-au-Prince. Battered by gang violence, his city is no longer safe. Haiti has been gripped by renewed violence since the beginning of the month, with several gangs joining forces to attack strategic locations in Port-au-Prince. Prime Minister Ariel Henry agreed to resign on March 11.

To help its nationals flee, France has been preparing evacuations for several days. She moved three of her military ships. Philippe Martini was invited to board in Les Cayes, a city located in the south of Haiti. Fearing for his safety, he was unable to cross the island. The boats left without him.

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