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“How do I stop taking my sleeping pill completely?”

Ginette L. from Boulogne-Billancourt (Hauts-de-Seine) wants to stop taking sleeping pills. Here are the tips from Doctor Brigitte Blond.

You have been taking this hypnotic for over thirty years and have gradually reduced the dose, but you still have one last quarter of a tablet left to stop completely – a step that seems insurmountable to you. Getting rid of it is an excellent thing for your health, that of your brain in particular. A sleeping pill is a mild anesthetic that produces different sleepin terms of neuronal recovery, natural sleep: a succession of cycles divided into slow sleep (we recharge our batteries) and paradoxical sleep (we release tensions).

How to stop sleeping pills?

At the end of each cycle, a micro-arousal occurs, usually not perceptible. It can be prolonged in some people, giving the impression
of a broken night. The alternation between wakefulness and sleep is determined by our biological clock: in the absence of light, it releases
a neurohormone, melatonin (at its peak around 3 a.m.) promoting sleep, lowering temperature…

Weaning in several stages

To stop taking the sleeping pill, start with three quarters of a tablet for a month, then a half and a quarter (over the same period). Dr Lemoine’s tip for stopping permanently: shape 7 small balls of bread crumbs, place a quarter of a tablet in 6 of them the first week, then mix them and swallow one each evening without chewing; in 5 the 2nd week; in 4 the 3rd, and so on, until you only have placebo pellets.

Plants as a solution

It is combined, at bedtime, with one or two plants (valerian and eschscholtzia), effective on the time it takes to fall asleep and the quality of sleep. In case of nocturnal awakenings, we spray a melatonin spray under the tongue to go back to sleep.

For further : Doctor, I’m having trouble sleeping. To sleep naturally, Dr Patrick Lemoine (Odile Jacob) – 256 pages, €21.90.

How to contact Dr Blond?

Any advice or clarification? Write to me! Since your mail is abundant, it is impossible to respond to everyone, especially since each case is particular and complex, which sometimes requires me to seek the advice of a specialist. Consulting your family doctor is an irreplaceable first step.

BY EMAIL : [email protected]BY MAIL: Pleine Vie, “Hello, doctor” section, 40 avenue Aristide-Briand, 92220 Bagneux.

Article published in Pleine Vie magazine N° 0443 of April 5, 2023

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