In cooperation with school sports, recreational games conclude the activities of the first joint foot foley tournament

The Egyptian Federation for Entertainment Games, headed by Ahmed Al-Bakry, concluded the Ramadan tournament in the game of foot foley, within the games of the Egyptian Federation for Entertainment Games, in cooperation with the Egyptian Federation for School Sports.


It was held The tournament was held in the girls’ club in Agouza, with the participation of 1,000 male and female students, middle and high school students, boys and girls.


The tournament witnessed the presence of Iman Hassan, Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Egyptian School Sports Federation, Sameh Afifi, the school’s administrative director, Captain Tamer Fikry, the technical director of the federation.


Iman Hassan expressed her happiness  By organizing the tournament, she stressed that the Egyptian School Sports Federation is a window through which all our children can view various sporting activities.


The Vice President of the Federation expressed her gratitude for organizing the tournament and its organized exit, which is being held. In cooperation between the Egyptian Federation for Recreational Games and the School Sports Federation, under the auspices of the Ministry of Youth and Sports – the Central Administration for Sports Development.


The sport of “football” is played; The beach volleyball system is similar to it, but it is played without using hands, and the player can hit the ball with the head, chest, or foot and not allow the ball to touch the ground.


This sport requires great balance. In playing in order to control the ball, it also requires endurance, concentration, and quick reactions while playing. This sport is one of the interesting sports that anyone can play, and it has succeeded in attracting many international football stars, especially in Brazil, which is the cradle of football. This game was launched in 1965.

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