In St. Petersburg, the courts ordered the deportation of more than 400 migrants

In St. Petersburg, more than 400 foreign citizens who, according to Russian authorities, have violated migration laws will be forcibly expelled from Russia. About this on Saturday reported in the press service of the courts of St. Petersburg.

Over the past week, law enforcement officers have carried out mass raids on the places where migrants are staying in St. Petersburg, as well as in a number of other Russian cities. It is alleged that over the past five days, almost 600 cases of violation of migration laws have been received by St. Petersburg courts. 418 violators were fined with forced expulsion from the country. How reports “Fontanka”, they were placed in the Temporary Detention Center for Foreign Citizens. At the same time, previously the office of the Commissioner for Human Rights reportedthat the only such center in St. Petersburg can accommodate a maximum of 336 people.

About 50 more foreigners are reportedly expected to leave Russia on their own.

Previously, the human rights project “First Department” reportedthat in St. Petersburg law enforcement agencies are conducting a large-scale operation “Anti-migrant”. One of the lawyers representing the interests of foreigners said that deportations have already begun – migrants are being sent out of the country en masse by plane.

As Important Stories previously reported, in Moscow over the past week, almost 1.5 thousand cases of violation of migration laws were received by the courts.

On March 22, there was an attack on the Crocus City Hall concert hall in the Moscow region, which, according to the latest data, killed 144 people. Four natives of Tajikistan were arrested on suspicion of carrying out a terrorist attack. After the terrorist attack, many Russian cities strengthened security measures and began conducting raids and checks on foreigners.

Human rights activists reported that in just the first days after the terrorist attack at Crocus City Hall, thousands of migrants turned to them and faced checks by Russian law enforcement officers. They talked about how foreigners were taken to police stations by the dozens and held there for hours. Journalists of the project “Migrant. Media” collected certificates of foreigners in Russia.

The Ministry of Labor, Migration and Employment of Tajikistan recorded the outflow of labor migrants from Russia after the terrorist attack at Crocus City Hall. About it told TASS Deputy Minister of Labor of Tajikistan Shahnoza Nodiri. According to her, many citizens of the country are “panicking” and want to leave Russia. She noted that “at the everyday level” oppression of citizens of Tajikistan is recorded; the representative office of the Ministry of Labor in Russia received threatening messages after the terrorist attack. At the same time, the Russian authorities officially declare that xenophobia is inadmissible.

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