IS speaker mentioned the terrorist attack in Moscow in a speech in honor of the organization’s anniversary

The speaker of the terrorist organization “Islamic State” Abu Huzaifa Al-Ansari mentioned the attack on the Crocus City Hall near Moscow in a speech dedicated to the tenth anniversary of the proclamation of the Islamic State as a state. He thanked the Afghan wing of the Islamic State, the Vilayat Khorasan organization, for the attack.

Al-Ansari’s forty-minute speech was distributed at the end of March by the Islamic State Furqan Media Center. In the summer of 2014, after the capture of Iraqi Mosul, the organization declared itself a caliphate. In his speech, Al-Ansari discussed the history of the organization and key attacks involving group members around the world.

The speech lists attacks on citizens of the United States, Russia, China, Iran and Mozambique. Al-Ansari incites supporters to commit new terrorist attacks. The IS speaker said that the organization would restore control over the territory immediately after the possible withdrawal of Western troops from Syria.

Listing the regional branches of the organization, about which there has been no news for a long time, Al-Ansari mentioned the IS division in the North Caucasus in Russia. In early March, in the Ingush Karabulak, the FSB allegedly killed six adherents of the group, the editors of Kavkaz.Realii reported. Editorial sources expressed doubts the involvement of those killed in the group.

As a result of the attack on a hall near Moscow, according to the latest data, 144 people were killed and 382 were injured. Vilayat Khorasan immediately announced its involvement in the attack.

Edition “Important Stories” March 28 discovered a network of telegram chats, presumably belonging to the Tajik wing of Vilayata Khorasan. They collect cryptocurrency to help the organization. The publication noted that immediately after the attack on Crocus, an amount equivalent to 250 thousand rubles was withdrawn from the terrorists’ cryptocurrency wallet.

  • The terrorist attack in Moscow was condemned by the leaders of a number of Western countries, including Great Britain, Germany, the United States and France, China, Turkey, Serbia, the radical Taliban movement that controls Afghanistan, and the Hamas movement, recognized as terrorist in the United States and the European Union.
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