Israel offers the US to station Arab troops in Gaza

Israeli Defense Minister Yoav Galant has proposed deploying a multinational military group with the participation of Arab troops in the Gaza Strip. Axios reports this with reference to two senior Israeli officials. According to them, the minister asked the United States to support his initiative.

According to the Israeli side, a contingent of Arab countries should remain in Gaza during the transition period and ensure the security of humanitarian convoys, as well as the pier that the United States will build for civilian cargo. According to sources, the Israeli military discussed initiative with three Arab countries, including Egypt.

If the proposed plan is adopted, a governing body will be created in Gaza that has no relation to the Palestinian group Hamas, which is designated as a terrorist group by the United States and the European Union. At the same time, according to the publication’s interlocutors, there is no talk of the presence of American military personnel in Gaza.

A White House source told Axios that Egypt is the only country so far considering the idea of ​​Israel. At the moment, Arab countries are not ready to send troops to Gaza, but allow the deployment of peacekeeping contingents after the war, says an American official.

Recently, US President Joe Biden, at a campaign event in New York, also said that Arab countries, including Saudi Arabia and Qatar, are ready to fully recognize Israel in a future agreement to resolve the conflict in the Gaza Strip. According to Biden, it is necessary to develop a plan of action for creating two states.

  • Since last fall, the Israeli army has been conducting a military operation in the Gaza Strip in response to the jihadist attack on southern Israel on October 7. Then about 1,400 people died, more than 250 people were taken to Gaza. Some of them were released in exchange for Palestinian prisoners held in Israeli prisons. According to the latest data, more than 130 people may be held in the sector, but how many of them are alive is unknown.
  • Israel and Hamas have been negotiating through mediators for several months on the release of some of the hostages and a temporary ceasefire. According to some reports, Israel had previously allegedly agreed to a US proposal to hand over 700 Palestinian prisoners in exchange for 40 hostages taken by Hamas. This was not officially announced.
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