Johnny Hallyday’s spat after their quarrel

Between Michel Sardou and Johnny Hallyday, it was a long friendship finally broken because of a bad joke from the interpreter of “Lacs du Connemara”. The deceased Taulier did not hesitate to tackle his colleague…

This March 29, France 3 broadcasts prime time the program Sardou, self-portrait, dedicated to the singer who is currently finishing his farewell tour. A program in which Michel Sardou spoke to Augustin Trapenard, from his beloved Normandy – he has since sold his Norman mansion for an XXL villa in the South of France -, and where he looks back on the great moments of his life and his career.

During his success in show business, he met Johnny Hallyday with whom he established a strong friendship until a bad joke…

Michel Sardou and Johnny Hallyday: one word too many

Michel Sardou and Johnny Hallyday rose to fame at the same time and they were close for years. Until the day their friendship took a completely different turn. We have to go back to 2004, in Brussels. Michel Sardou performs on stage and talks about Johnny Hallyday’s daughters: Jade and Joy, adopted with his wife Laeticia Hallyday. “Now that he has a chalet in Gstaad, Hallyday will be able to put his Vietcong on skis.” he declared in a humorous tone. Except that the main person concerned had seen red after this joke in bad taste. If we do not know what exactly happened between them after this statement, Johnny Hallyday declared to Parisian that he “one should not attack (one’s) family, especially not (one’s) children.”

A joke that got the better of their friendship. Although they were very close to each other, they never managed to put the pieces back together until the death of the rocker in 2017. In the meantime, the Taulier refused all of Michel Sardou’s attempts to to fix oneself. “There are people I no longer want to see because they bore me, that’s what’s happening with Sardou. At one time he was a funny and witty guy, now he’s not funny at all, he wants to lecture everyone, he eats dinner at 7 p.m., goes to bed at 8:30 p.m. he declared in 2015 in Paris Match.

No reconciliation possible

On Nicolas Sarkozy’s birthday, the former mayor of Levallois, Patrick Balkany, remembers a tense exchange between the two stars. Johnny Hallyday would have refused to greet Michel Sardou: “I’m not greeting you. You’re lucky that we’re at the President of the Republic’s house, otherwise I’d beat the shit out of you.” would have dumped the rocker according to the politician guest of TPMP.

“We were two brothers, for years and years and then we got angry. Finally… he got angry”, confided Sardou in the show Seven to Eight in 2021 before adding: “Because of me, I readily admit it. Yes, I said something stupid. But I didn’t think I was being mean at all, at all, at all.”

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