KFH Continues Distributing Iftar Meals across Kuwait

The program supports a variety of community initiatives that integrate all segments of society, which enhances KFH’s leadership in volunteer work, corporate social responsibility, and sustainable development.

The program also includes distributing Iftar meals to drivers during the Maghrib prayer. This initiative aims to ensure that drivers reach their homes safely and avoid speeding, in cooperation with the Ministry of Interior. The program distributes Ramadan baskets in cooperation with the Kuwait Red Crescent Society, with the aim of enhancing the spirit of volunteerism and contributing to instilling the concept of giving.

The “Baytak” program also offers a variety of sports and health activities during the month of Ramadan. These challenges include the V-Fit Virtual Walking Challenge, held in collaboration with the V-Thru app. This challenge encourages participants to walk in Al Shaheed Park and The Avenues Mall before breakfast. Kuwait Finance House is co-organizing a sporting event for men and women with Circuit+ at Al Hamra Mall. In addition, KFH is participating in organizing another sporting event in the 360 ​​Arena Challenge. In addition to its Ramadan initiatives, KFH also organized the Baytak Lottery competition, Qirqian events, and awareness videos. These videos were produced in cooperation with the Ministry of Interior, Kuwaiti Fire Department, nutritionists and doctors. KFH’s Ramadan program offers a variety of activities and events, including providing hospitality services in mosques, sharing iftar meals with different groups during iftar time, and more.

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