Measures to combat "fast fashion" : "All this is not defined, we will sit down at the Ministry of Ecology and we will work"declares the CEO of Primark

On March 15, the National Assembly unanimously adopted measures aimed at curbing fast fashion, including a ban on advertising for the sale of clothing at knockdown prices and a reinforced environmental penalty to make them less attractive. A bill proposed by the Horizons group and which must now be examined by the Senate.

“We want transparency with customers. So, this law will affect all textiles, but it is not bad since it will allow consumers to really know what they are buying”declared Friday March 29 Christine Loizy, the French general manager of Primark. Primark, this Irish brand is synonymous with vast fashion stores at low prices. It has been established in France for more than a decade. Primark has 27 stores across France, representing 120,000 square meters and 7,000 employees.

franceinfo: Do ​​you plan to open other stores in France?

Christine Loizy : The next store will open in December 2024 in Rouen. Since 2013, the French have given us an incredible welcome wherever we set up. So we continue. We are growing, we now have sixteen markets. We have also been in North America recently, for five years and we are experiencing the same success everywhere. So we continue.

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