Mohamed Al-Tayeb: President Sisi fulfilled his demands "Able to differ"..The administrative capital is a piece of Europe

Mohamed Al-Tayeb is one of the heroes of “Differently Capable,” and he suffers from “autism.” He is a fan of practicing equestrian sports and javelin throwing.


Among Muhammad Al-Tayeb’s hobbies : Cooking and standing in the kitchen, as he dreams of being an “international chef”.


The Rosal Youssef Portal was keen to interview him and talk to him through the following lines:


– First, introduce yourself and your family?

I am Muhammad Abdel Razzaq Abdel Samie, and my nickname is Muhammad Al-Tayeb. I am 13 years old. I suffer from “autism.” Born on January 25, 2011, I have one older sister.


In which sport do you excel? Why did you choose it?

I love equestrianism very much, as I love horses, and I also love the spear, and my father is the one who encouraged me to practice it.


"Mohamed Al-Tayeb are capable of different things 1


– Did you choose to practice equestrianism yourself?

At first it was the choice of Mama and Papa before I became attracted to it and loved practicing it 



-What attracted you the most to continue practicing equestrian sports?


My love and passion for horse riding, especially since I have loved horses since I was young and I find myself with them and I am very attached to horses< /p>


_Tell us about your feeling while training equestrian sports?


Of course, I am very happy while training equestrian sports, and certainly there is charisma, chemistry, or language of understanding between me and the horse or horse. Which I drive so that I can control it and control its movement while I drive it in training


 – When did you start exercising?

I started exercising two years ago, specifically at the beginning of 2022, and I was 11 years old at the time.

"Mohamed Al-Tayeb are capable of different things 2


– Are there others in the family who are in the “Differently Able” category?

I am the only one in the family who belongs to the “Differently Able” group.


– Tell us how you spend your day?

I eat breakfast after I wake up, then I exercise, then I pray.


"Mohamed Al-Tayeb are capable of different things 3


– Do you help your mother with the housework?

Of course I would love to help my mother in the kitchen and housework.


– What is the role of Mama and Papa in your life?

Papa, Mama and my sister are the whole world to me, and I love them very much.


"Mohamed Al-Tayeb are capable of different things 4


– What is your goal in the future?

In the future, I want to be an international chef and the first international chef with disabilities, and this is a very beautiful thing.


< h3>– A wish or dream that you are seeking to achieve?

I wish to see President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi again, and I wish to pray with him in the mosque. I wish to pray the Eid prayer with him. This is my wish and I ask for it from the Lord of servants. I pray with the president in prayer. Eid and the whole world will see me praying next to President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi. This is my first and last wish.


"Mohamed Al-Tayeb are capable of different things 5


– How do you see President Sisi’s interest in “capable of difference”?

My opinion of President Sisi, and I always say it in every meeting: Sisi is the only president who opened the curtain for us and went out to the whole world of society and prevented us from bullying.


– What do you want to say to President Sisi?

I would like to say to him, may God protect you, Your Excellency the President, for every good thing you did for me. I and all my sisters are capable of different things, and I always say a word and I still say it. He is the only president who He opened the curtain for them.


"Mohamed Al-Tayeb are capable of different things 6


– What do you think of the New Administrative Capital and holding tournaments in it?

The Administrative Capital is very beautiful and I liked it very much, and when I came to the Administrative Capital I felt that I was in Europe, not in Egypt.


– A final word or message at the end of our dialogue?

I would like to send a message of thanks and appreciation to the esteemed mother, Mrs. Engineer Amal Mubdi, the president of the union, whom I consider to be a mother to all of us as capable heroes in every way, and half of which is that she is an angel walking on earth to Her effort and effort, which she exerts with us, her support for us, and her love for me and all my sisters of determination.


"Muhammad Al-Tayeb are capable of different things 7
"Muhammad Al-Tayeb are capable of different things 8


"Muhammad Al-Tayeb are capable of different things 9


"Mohamed Al-Tayeb are capable of 10
"Muhammad Al-Tayeb are capable of different things 11

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