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NYPD Officer Slain: Second Wake for Jonathan Diller in Massapequa Park; Governor Hochul attends

NEW YORK (WABC) — Loved ones of fallen NYPD officer Jonathan Diller will gather Friday for his second wake in Massapequa Park.

For the second day in a row, thousands of people waited patiently and overcame their pain to say goodbye to one of their own.

Retired NYPD officer John Drum returned for a second day and hoped to get inside.

“I was here yesterday, I waited in line, it was at least half a mile long down the road,” Drum said.

There were emotional, tearful hugs between nurses and co-workers of Diller’s wife as they sought support for her and their 9-month-old baby.

In Queens, in a touching show of support, the Mets held a moment of silence for Diller before the home opener.

Gov. Kathy Hochul attended the vigil Friday afternoon, where she spoke with the officer’s family and expressed her condolences.

“The governor should focus on fixing the cashless bail problem in Albany,” Garbarino said. “The budget was postponed until next week. She has a lot of power. She could fix this.”

D’Esposito, a former police officer, broke down in tears when asked about burying his own blue-clad brother.

“I don’t think you ever really recover. This is a terrible tragedy,” D’Esposito said. “You have a 1-year-old child who will never have a father again because we continue to allow lifelong criminals on the street.”

Guy Rivera, 34, was indicted Thursday for murder of a police officer, attempted murder and criminal possession of a weapon. He remains hospitalized at Jamaica Hospital and is being held without bail.

Crystal Cranmore has more on the events following the shooting death of NYPD Officer Jonathan Diller.

The other suspect arrested in Diller’s death, Lindy Jones, 41, was charged Wednesday with criminal possession of a weapon and possession of a defaced weapon. He is also being held without bail.

Both former President Donald Trump and New York City Mayor Eric Adams attended Diller’s first wake on Thursday afternoon.

Trump shared a sad handshake with New York Police Commissioner Edward Caban as people waited en masse outside the funeral home to pay their respects.

“The police are the best people we have, there is nothing and no one like them and this should never happen,” Trump said. “I just visited a very beautiful wife who now has no husband.”

Before the wake, Adams spoke with President Joe Biden.

“I received a call from the president just moments ago sending me his condolences and I will pass them on to the family, but we are really shocked by the loss,” Adams said.

TO GoFundMe page The officer’s family has raised more than $500,000, and the Tunnels to Towers Foundation announced it will pay off the mortgage on Diller’s home.

Diller’s funeral is scheduled for Saturday.

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Shannon Sohn was live on NewsCopter 7 covering the dignified transfer of NYPD Officer Jonathan Diller, who was taken to a funeral home on Long Island.


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