"Palestinian Foreign Ministry": Issuance "International Justice" New precautionary measures confirm Israel’s historic rebellion against international legalities

 The Palestinian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Expatriates confirmed that the International Court of Justice’s issuance of new temporary precautionary measures is international legal evidence proving that Israel has not, as usual, adhered to the first precautionary order issued by the court.


The Ministry stated – in a press statement today, Friday, that the court’s reference to Security Council Resolution No. 2728 gives great importance from a legal standpoint to an immediate ceasefire and out of the conviction of the highest international judicial body of the meaningful interconnection between… Stopping the war and bringing in aid.

She added, “Nevertheless, Israel continues to deepen its historic rebellion against international legitimacy resolutions and its rejection of everything issued by international political and legal bodies, and challenges the will of the international community in its continued killing of civilians, starving them, thirsting them out, and displacing them under bombardment.” From one place to another without shelter, refuge, or any safe place.” 

The Ministry saw that the credibility of the world and its systems is at stake and a final test regarding its ability to deliver relief aid in a sustainable manner to defenseless civilians… stressing that there is no There are no justifications for the horrific international failure to protect civilians and secure their humanitarian needs. 

She stressed that Israel’s insistence – as an occupying power – on preventing the entry of aid to civilians is not only a disdain for the world and its decisions and appeals, but rather evidence of its persistence in the war on civilians. The Palestinians and impose more deadly collective punishments on them, in the most horrific forms of genocide and displacement.

The “Palestinian Foreign Ministry” demanded With binding executive mechanisms and under penalty of responsibility and punishment, to force the occupation to respect the Security Council resolution and the orders of the International Court of Justice and implement them immediately, indicating that without this, the international community will lose its self-respect and legitimize the law of the jungle as an alternative to the force of international law, and international chaos as an alternative to world security and stability.   

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