Paris 2024: the park of the Château de Versailles transformed for horse riding events

The Palace of Versailles will also host the dressage events of the Paralympic Games, from September 3 to 7, and the five modern pentathlon events.

In four centuries of existence, the Palace of Versailles (Yvelines) has undergone numerous grandiose projects. And that of the Paris 2024 Olympic Games is no exception to the rule. For several days, the Olympic stands have been in place. The riding competitions will be held in the central axis of the park, in perfect alignment with the royal residence. The work, 70% complete, continues in many places in the area.

There are 27 obstacles to build, as one of the events, the cross country, takes place over a five kilometer course, using existing heritage. “A fountain will become an equestrian arena, on which horses will be able to jump and gallop”, explains Paul-Jacques Tanvez, president of Normandie drainage. The work is carried out with strict rules: archaeological control, no trees felled, and conservation of all the earth removed. The site must be returned identically after the Games.

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