Private life, family, origins, how he became known… everything you need to know

This March 31, Eddy de Pretto is a guest on Frédéric Lopez’s show, “A Sunday in the Country”. Here’s everything you need to know about the young singer.

Aged 32, Eddy de Pretto is one of the figures of the new French scene. Author, composer and performer, he has never hesitated to tackle major social issues, firstly in song, but also on TV sets. Here are its secrets.

The latest information on Eddy de Pretto

Those who have an eye may remember his face in an advertisement… Indeed, Eddy de Pretto first became known as an actor in the role of young Julius Caesar for CanalSat, in 2010. Two years later, we find him in the theater in Sir ! The Musical Chic and at the cinema in the short film Konigsberg.

Then the time for singing will come and young Eddy de Pretto then takes part in the Printemps de Bourges and wins the Inouïs prize. His career is launched. In 2017, he released a first EP followed in 2018 by a first album including three hits: Too many parties, Kid And Beaulieue. Success knocked on its door with more than 100,000 copies sold.

What are the origins of Eddy de Pretto?

Eddy de Pretto was born on May 3, 1991, in the 19th arrondissement of Paris, but grew up in Créteil (Val-de-Marne). Through his mother, the singer has Reunion origins.

His childhood in the Paris suburbs was a source of inspiration for his songs. “Créteil is the city that gave me everything, that made me happy, educated me (…) Créteil is a starting point in my life. This city offered me a lot of things, and that’s what I explain in this song. It allowed me to fly away to live my dream. It’s a bit like the American dream when you arrive in Paris, where everything is possible.” he told the city website.

Where does Eddy de Pretto live?

Although he has fond memories of his youth in Créteil, there is no question of returning to live there one day even if his mother still lives there. “It’s too marked. By my childhood, my adolescence, my education… There are Proust madeleines everywhere. Too much anger, too much frustration too”he explained to Parisian on this subject in 2017. Eddy de Pretto today lives in Saint-Ouen, in a small house with a garden. “Today, the boundaries of the suburbs are breaking down. More and more things are happening on the other side of the ring road“, he said to Pop point in 2017.

Eddy de Pretto “permanent conflict” with her family ?

Son of a truck driver who is a football fan and a mother who is a laboratory technician, Eddy de Pretto grew up in a rather traditional family where we spoke very little to each other and he never hid his conflicting family relationships. In 2022, when he was the guest of Pascal Nègre on his show The guestthe artist confided in his stormy relationship with his parents. “I was in constant conflict with my parents because I had the impression that they didn’t understand me. I was often in my room. It was a bit of my personal bubble where I could find myself with my writing and my secrets”.

Sayings which support those already made by the singer in 2021 on Europe 1 in In ride : “With my father it remains a little complicated. It’s so cultural and educational to make yourself heard and understood, when you are, for example, of a different sexuality or have attractions that are not the same with our parents. We try to make concessions sometimes. And sometimes I try to bend over certain things, to understand more… But sometimes it doesn’t work and so we are at a standstill.”

Is Eddy de Pretto in a relationship?

Eddy de Pretto has never hidden his homosexuality but remains discreet about his life as a couple. Yes, Eddy de Pretto is in a relationship! In the summer of 2023, he revealed some photos of his partner and him on Instagram while they were on vacation in Italy.

Very embarrassed at the idea of ​​revealing himself, he modestly returned to his happiness in the Canal + show As an aside. “It really helped me to meet someone, and it’s true that it helps me a lot to open up. I understand a little more, and I learn a little more on a daily basis in knowing how to give and consider someone other than me”he conceded shyly.

Eddy de Pretto victim of cyberharassment, he counterattacks

Eddy de Pretto, like his sister Hoshi, is the victim of cyberharassment because of his sexuality. He has been the victim of massive threats and insults since the summer of 2021 – he received more than 5,000 -, the date of his criticized performance in the Saint-Eustache church in Paris. A few years ago, he filed a complaint, which recently led to the conviction of eleven people. All received suspended sentences ranging from three to six months in prison. “We decided with all my teams and my lawyer to put a sort of victory on these 11 accusations, because, even if there were more than 5,000 messages, it is not madness in ratio, but when well even, it’s a step forward to be able to have a micro-victory over these people”declared Eddy de Pretto.

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