Putin": We will not start a war with NATO countries, but we will attack them in this case

According to the Associated Press, Russian President Vladimir Putin declared that the possibility of Russia launching an attack on a NATO member state was “completely ridiculous.”


We will attack the bases If F-16 planes are placed inside it, they will attack the Russian army 


Putin made this statement during his meeting with military pilots during a visit to a Russian air base on Thursday, however The Russian leader also warned that any Western air base with US-made F-16 fighter jets scheduled to be deployed in Ukraine would likely become a "legitimate target" For the Russian army.

Putin commented: On Western warnings that Russia might shift its targets to other countries, he said: “The fact that they accuse us of intending to attack Europe after the war in Ukraine is completely ridiculous.”

Putin noted that the US defense budget is a tenth higher times of Russia’s budget. 


Putin said, "In light of this, will we launch a war against NATO? That would be crazy.”

According to the Associated Press, Ukraine is waiting for Western allies to deliver F-16 fighter jets. This would increase military pressure on Russia.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said last year that 42 F-16s were committed to delivery. 

Ukrainian pilots were also trained from The West accepted the command of fighter aircraft for several months. According to the Associated Press, the F-16 has high requirements for runways and hangar bases that need to be reinforced to protect the F-16s from bomb attacks when they are on the ground. 

It is unclear how many air bases there are Ukrainian forces that can meet these requirements, and Russia will certainly rush to target bases that house F-16 aircraft.

During his visit to the Russian Air Force base, President Putin also warned Ukraine’s Western allies against providing air bases in their countries. So that the F-16 aircraft can conduct a sortie to attack the Russian army.


 He said that those bases will become “legitimate targets,” stressing that the F-16 is capable “We will also need to take this into account when organizing our combat operations.”

Military analysts say that the arrival of the F-16 will not change the rules of the game against the huge Russian air force and advanced air defense systems, despite Ukrainian officials see this as an opportunity to respond to Russian air dominance. President Putin also stressed that the F-16s “will not change the situation on the battlefield.”


He added: "We will destroy their fighters just as we destroyed their tanks, armored vehicles and other weapons. Equipment, including multiple rocket launchers.”


According to the Associated Press, the F-16s could be used to enhance Ukraine’s ability to attack Russian facilities with long-range missile attacks.< /p>

Ukraine’s counteroffensive last year failed partly because it occurred without air support, leaving Ukrainian forces vulnerable to Russian air and artillery attacks.


Ukraine urged its allies to to send more weapons, but according to a military assessment recently published by the International Institute for Strategic Studies (IISS), one of Russia’s goals is to “deplete Ukraine’s ground-based air defense arsenal.”


< p> 

This would reduce some of Ukraine’s combat capabilities while it awaits promised but delayed military aid from the West, including artillery and air defense ammunition.

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The International Institute for Strategic Studies said: According to the Associated Press, on Thursday, Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba and Ukrainian Defense Minister Rustan Omerov urged the allies to send more air defense and missile systems to Ukraine.

p>Kuleba said: In a video clip posted on the social media network

 Kuleba said that Ukraine is the only country in the world that is attacked by ballistic missiles almost every day.

The Ukrainian delegation to NATO also said that it held an extraordinary meeting at the ambassadorial level of the NATO-Ukraine Council At NATO headquarters on Thursday, to find ways to respond to Russian missile attacks on critical infrastructure in Ukraine.

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