"Russia" Plan with "DP World" To transport goods in containers via the Northern Sea Route

The director of Rosatom, the Nuclear Energy Agency, announced… The Russian government, Alexei Likhachev, said that the corporation plans to implement a long-term program with DP World. To transport goods in containers via the Northern Sea Route. 


Likhachev told reporters today, Friday: " Our main mission is to form an alliance with Arab partners to develop transit through the Northern Sea Route. 

The director of the Rosatom Foundation added:" This mission is summed up in developing a large, long-term program with the participation of DP World. To develop transit transportation of goods in containers via the Northern Sea Route.”


Likhachev continued: “ We expect the volume of freight transport along the Northern Sea Route to reach 220 million tons by 2035, compared to 36 million tons currently.   

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