Russian goalie sent to the army moved to the NHL

American hockey club Philadelphia Flyers reported about the transfer of Russian goalkeeper Ivan Fedotov. He signed a contract with an NHL team back in 2022, but was detained by the police and drafted into the army, and then signed another contract with the Moscow club CSKA, which is historically associated with the military.

“Philadelphia” insisted that the hockey player’s contract continues to be valid. The International Ice Hockey Federation banned Fedotov from playing for CSKA. Restrictions were imposed on the Russian club, the player was disqualified for four months. The decision was ignored.

In the 2022/23 KHL regular season, Fedotov played 44 games. In the playoffs, CSKA was eliminated in the first round, losing to Lokomotiv in a series of five matches, the goalkeeper played in all of them. Sports website notesthat the player’s statistics this season were the worst of his career. The team changed its head coach, after which the contract with Fedotov was terminated.

Fedotov will be the fifth goalie on the Flyers’ roster. His contract will last for two years. He can receive up to $1.1 million per season.

  • Following the Russian invasion of Ukraine, the Russian national ice hockey team was suspended from international competitions, including the Olympics. The ban does not apply to the NHL; the league said it is not considering suspending Russian players.
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