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Russian propaganda: a video claims that a Ukrainian tuberculosis epidemic would threaten France

A video has been circulating online since Wednesday March 27. The logo at the top right of the image and the charter suggest that it was produced by the RFI media. But this is a false report. A production manufactured by Russian propaganda and broadcast on social networks. In the video, the montage claims that a “Ukrainian tuberculosis epidemic threatens France due to the admission of Ukrainian soldiers for treatment”.

A modus operandi which has already targeted numerous French but also international media. Large-scale disinformation and digital interference campaigns organized by Russia have affected France in recent months. For example, information from the Kremlin on the alleged presence of “French mercenaries” in Ukraine was relayed on social networks after the announcement of reinforced support for kyiv by Emmanuel Macron. Information denied by the French government.

NGO Eu Disinfolab

RFI, Russian editorial

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