"Samir"Tonight: The start of the Republic Mini Football Championship for girls under 15 years old

Egyptian Mini Football Stadium witnesses "mini-football" At the Aero Sport Club, at exactly nine o’clock this evening, the start of the Republic Sectional Championship for girls under 15 years old, the Cairo, Central Delta and Canal sectors, where the   The Black Wolf Academy and Star VIB Academy teams.


Let the Mini Football train continue its success and run from station to station for the fourth year in a row under the leadership of the founder and president of the Egyptian Mini Football Federation, Ahmed Samir Soliman, and it continues The federation’s successes locally and internationally.



The meeting is attended by Fatima Al-Tabei, member of the Board of Directors of the Egyptian Mini Football Federation, Mohamed Nasr, Executive Director of the Cairo Region, and Engineer Gamal. Shaaban, Executive Director of Aero Sport Club.


At the same time, the match between the Camp Nou Academy teams and the Rose Island Club, Mansoura, will be held in the city of Port Fouad, in the presence of  Mohamed Al-Khodari, Chairman of the Main Competitions Committee of the Mini Football Federation.


Ahmed Samir, President of the Egyptian and Arab Mini Football Federations, expressed his happiness with the unprecedented achievements achieved in four years, saying: " I am happy to realize my dream of building a strong system, which was the reason for my return to my beloved homeland, Egypt  After an absence of nearly twenty years as one of Egypt’s migratory birds returning to the homeland, praise be to God for the local and international achievements achieved by winning the African Cup of Nations in Nigeria and winning fourth place  For the first Egyptian women’s team in the World Cup in Ukraine, as well as winning fourth place for the Egyptian U-23 youth team in the World Cup in Ukraine and reaching the eighth final in the men’s World Cup in the Emirates, and winning the Arab Championship for national teams, sitting on the throne of Africa and the Arabs, and local championships for three consecutive seasons with great success in the men’s league. And women’s, the Egypt Cup, the Republic Junior Championships for under 15 and 17 years, Baraem Festivals for under 13, 11, and 9 years, and international and local training courses to graduate referees, coaches, observers and administrators from the system.


He stressed Samir: Whoever has the thought has success, and whoever has the power has the decision, and God Almighty crowned that great success  By winning the award for the best federation president in Africa three years in a row, then the most active federation president in the world, and tonight we launch the republic’s sectional championship for girls under 15 years old, and we pray to God to help us carry the trust with honor, sincerity and dedication. We wish God Almighty continued success. Long live Egypt and its people and youth. May God protect Egypt and may God protect the homeland.. Long live Egypt, president and people, army and police. 

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