Simultaneous translation of Friday sermons at the Prophet’s Mosque into 10 languages

Language is a bridge of communication between different peoples and cultures, who come to the Prophet’s Mosque from various parts of the world, regardless of tongues and languages, yearning from their country to visit the Holy Land, for an unforgettable experience in the purest places.

 And he draws water. During their arrival, a number of sermons, lessons, and programs were delivered to the visitors, from which the project of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques was launched for the simultaneous translation of the sermons and lessons of the Two Holy Mosques and to serve the visitors in their various languages.

 The General Authority for the Care of the Affairs of the Prophet’s Mosque, represented by the Translation Department, works to translate the mosque’s sermons. The Prophet’s Mosque and translating the content of the agency’s read, audio and visual publications, in addition to translating the content of means of communication with visitors in the Prophet’s Mosque, such as billboards, electronic screen displays, smart applications and social media channels, and activating the translation of the Prophet’s Mosque’s sermons in women’s prayer halls through the Women’s Translation Department, which provides distinguished services in the women’s section. It includes providing several initiatives, including creating enrichment content for female visitors translated into several languages, in addition to translation services in the women’s departments.

 The sermons of the Prophet’s Mosque are translated into ten languages, amounting to more than (3) million words, and the languages They are: (English, French, Urdu, Malay, Turkish, Bengali, Hausa, Chinese, Russian, and Persian), and they are chosen based on a field study of the most common languages ​​among visitors and visitors to the Prophet’s Mosque.

 The translation department’s statistics reached more than (3,350) Content and more than (3,350) publications, more than (3,250) summaries and excerpts, translation of (55) sermons and (150) lessons in the Prophet’s Mosque, and distribution of (4,800) headphones to the beneficiaries, while the administration’s outputs are broadcast on (10) online channels, and ( 7) Radio broadcasting channels. The Authority also works, through the Languages ​​Department, to provide its services to visitors, guide and direct them in various languages, and provide support to its departments in terms of translation to serve visitors.



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