Sports Newsletter Positives of the Egyptian national team camp and advice from Hossam Hassan

Positives of the Egyptian national team camp and advice for Hossam Hassan. The most important sports news monitored by “Rosa Al-Yousef Gate” Today, for its dear readers, sports enthusiasts and enthusiasts, in the sports bulletin, the most important sports news that occurred throughout the day, Thursday 03-28-2024, at all local and international levels.


The most important sports news| For Thursday 03-28-2024


One of the most important news in the sports bulletin for Thursday 03-28-2024: Positives of the Egyptian national team camp and advice from Hossam Hassan.  


Team News


Ayman Younes: Hossam Hassan’s stubbornness

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Ayman Younes, the former Egyptian national team star, confirmed that Hossam Hassan should stay away from the policy of stubbornness, which was the title of his first stage with the national team. He said on the Box to Box program: “More important than friendly matches is achieving technical benefit. There were defensive errors in the Egyptian national team against Croatia, and we received a lesson in the art of movement on the field, and there were players less than the name of the Egyptian national team inside the green rectangle. The international player has grades.” “His production is great and he plays for 10 matches strongly, far from the local player who is satisfied with one shot.” He continued: “There are technical concepts (that are being tested). Akram Tawfiq was playing Man to Man against Luka Modric, and they were able to overcome the technical naivety of the Egyptian national team. We have to accept the technical lessons. This match we have to learn from, and there are good players, but they are not prepared to be present now. There are players who are far from participating, and betting on them is considered cruelty at the current stage.” He continued: “Ahmed Fattouh is the best left-back and he should have been present, and his replacement, Mohamed Shukri, did not get the opportunity to participate. Fattouh should have been used in order to benefit from him and achieve gains, and stay away from the policy of stubbornness, and I hope Hossam Hassan does not miss the opportunity to advance to the World Cup because of that.” “Crises.” He added: “I admire “Koka”, the Al-Ahly player, Mohamed Shehata, the Zamalek midfielder, and Nader Farag, the Ismaily player, and they must be prepared to join the senior Egyptian national team in the future, away from the policy of stubbornness.”




Bashir: A new page for Hossam Hassan


Bashir Al-Tabei, the former Egyptian and Zamalek national team star, confirmed that the national team is living in its worst condition since the last African Cup of Nations, noting There is a big difference between Egypt and Croatia, and Hossam Hassan will not be evaluated at the current stage, and he needs a longer period to judge the national team under his leadership. He said in statements on the Box to Box program: “Hamdi Fathi is far from his usual level, and whether he or Akram Tawfiq participates, the two are similar to each other. I expected Ahmed Nabil Kouka to participate, and he actually participated in the second half.” He added: “Hossam Hassan must have the conviction to open a new page with everyone, including Mohamed Salah, and after the African Cup of Nations and the appointment of Hossam Hassan, I demanded the intervention of the Football Association, represented by its president, to solve all problems and remove impurities in complete calm and complete secrecy.” He continued: “Hossam Hassan spoke positively about Ahmed Hegazy, and I expected his participation in the Croatia match, even if he was with one leg, as he has international experience and leadership on the field. We needed his presence on the field to guide his teammates in defence.” He added: “Rami Rabia is one of the good players, but he is still far from his level, and Mohamed Abdel Moneim is also an element that is being built on, but he must review himself well, and the only answer about relying on Mohamed Hamdy despite his suspension against Burkina Faso and the absence of Ahmed Fattouh will be with the technical director.” Hossam Hassan, a left back should have been prepared in the two friendly matches in order to rely on him.” He continued: “Hossam Hassan, after confirming that the match was lost to Croatia, called in substitutes, especially since he would not be held accountable for the results of the friendly tournament, and the positioning of the players on the field was wrong and we conceded goals because of that, and the condition of the players did not help the technical staff in providing the desired performance.”


Positives of the Egyptian national team camp


Ihab Al-Komi, a member of the Egyptian Football Association, spoke about the recent Egyptian national team camp , after competing in the Egyptian Capital Cup Championship. Al-Komi said on Sada El-Balad channel: “The recent Egyptian national team camp witnessed many positives, most notably the return of the fans to the stands to support the team, which is what we were calling for.” He continued, “For the first time since facing Senegal in the World Cup qualifiers, we see the public attendance in this way, and we will build on that in the coming period.” He revealed, “This is the first technical experience under the leadership of Hossam Hassan, and it is natural for a number of players to be tried and the elements of the team studied, and to face Croatia in the third and final edition of the World Cup, and despite the loss, there are certainly positives, and it is natural for negatives to appear, which is the goal of friendly matches.” Al-Koumi stressed, “The March camp witnessed some absences, and no sane person can say that the absence of Mohamed Salah is ineffective. On the contrary, the national team needs a leader, as is the case for Croatia with Luka Modric, who is confident in Salah’s presence in the next camp.” He continued, “We need the return of Salah and also Mohamed El-Shenawy, who gives confidence and security to the goalkeeper and to both Emam Ashour and Zizo after the injury, and everyone will make the difference with the new technical staff.”  


Other games news


Mahmoud Hosni will miss the World Cup in Weightlifting

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Mahmoud Hosni, player of the national weightlifting team, announced his official absence from participating in the World Cup in Weightlifting, scheduled for the period from March 31 to next April 11 in Thailand, due to injury. The player said that the World Cup was the last qualifying stage for the Paris Olympics, which meant that he would not be able to qualify for the Olympic tournament.


Asran Al-Ahly’s injury

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The player of the first volleyball team at Al-Ahly club, Mohamed Asran, was injured during the team’s last match against Smouha in the Egypt Cup competitions. Rosalyoussef Portal learned that Mohamed Asran recently spread rumors that proved that the player had a slight tear, and needed to rest for a while. Three days. Mohamed Asran will be ready for the upcoming Sporting match, after undergoing rest and rehabilitation in the coming days.


Sandro Como is part of the technical staff of the Armed Forces team




The Board of Directors of the Egyptian Rifle Federation succeeded in agreeing with the Italian coach Sandro Como to be part of the technical staff of the Egyptian national team that will participate in the Paris 2024 Olympic Games. The session that was held between the Federation and the Italian coach Sandro Como ended with an agreement on all the details of the contract. To train the national team.

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