stc organizes largest Iftar in Kuwait during Ramadan

Organizing the Iftar comes as an additional initiative within the stc Ramadan 2024 campaign under the slogan “With goodness we go further,” which aims to show the importance of giving and doing good, whether in society or among individuals.

A large-scale iftar was held in Mubarakiya on March 27, where individuals were welcomed to receive their free meals. There were enough meals for more than 3,000 people to celebrate the holy month of Ramadan, reflecting the true essence behind this spiritual time of year. stc, the Kuwait Municipality, the Zajil volunteer team, and the Gastronomica restaurant chain, in addition to representatives of Jahez-Kuwait, attended the site to help distribute meals to individuals as well as supervise the event.

This initiative depends on the various activities that were launched within the framework of stc’s program to give back to society in various ways, in addition to the strategic partnerships that the company formed with various entities and institutions in Kuwait.

The objectives behind stc’s Ramadan 2024 campaign reflect the company’s commitment to community enrichment and social responsibility. Under the slogan of the campaign “With goodness, we go further,” stc aims to harness the spirit of Ramadan, the month famous for generosity and giving, to promote goodness and create lasting positive impacts within society. This initiative is designed to support those in need through the distribution of meals, with the hope of inspiring a ripple effect of goodwill and philanthropy throughout the community.

stc’s campaign aims to achieve the company’s broader vision of leading digital transformation while promoting social responsibility and inclusion. In line with our company’s vision, stc’s “Weyak” initiative, which focuses on supporting young entrepreneurs as well as local SMEs and startups, continues its efforts to strengthen its strategic partnerships and continue its support for emerging digital companies. Our cooperation during the holy month of Ramadan with the “Jahez-Kuwait” application, the platform that connects customers with their favorite restaurants through its online services, is in line with our goal of enriching the community’s lifestyle in all aspects.

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