How to delete your Skype account? Step by step guide

How to delete your Skype account? Step by step guide

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Skype was so popular in 2009 that Microsoft paid $8.5 billion to acquire the company, but what if you thought about deleting your Skype account? Although you may think that the matter is simple, but unfortunately you cannot delete your Skype account without getting rid of it. From the Microsoft account itself, which may cause some practical problems.

what is Skype?

Skype lets you connect with people around the world using the Internet on your mobile phone, computer or tablet, and Skype was the software of choice for low-cost international video and voice calls before Zoom, WhatsApp and Google Meet took center stage.

You may want to delete your Skype account because you no longer use it, however, if it is linked to an active Microsoft account, it is like tearing down your house because you rarely enter the basement.

How to get rid of Skype without deleting your Microsoft account:

Whatever your reason for wanting to delete Skype, here are some solutions that don’t involve deleting your Microsoft account:

Remove Skype from your devices

Skype is a Microsoft product and is a standalone application outside of Office 365. This means that you can remove the application from your PC, Mac, high-end Android smartphone or tablet without deleting your Microsoft account. This is the perfect solution to free up space on your computer. Your device, cleaning your desktop or smartphone screen.

– Block unwanted contacts

– Stop appearing in search results and suggestions

– Cancel your Skype subscription

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