The creator of the project to help Ukrainian refugees was not allowed into Georgia

The co-founder of the Emigration for Action project to help Ukrainian refugees, Igor Myglan, was not allowed into Georgia. Another project organizer, Evgeniy Lyamin, told Kholod about this.

According to Lyamin, Myglan flew to Tbilisi on the night of March 28 from Germany, where he has been studying since the fall of 2023. At passport control he was stopped without explanation. About seven hours later, at nine in the morning, he was verbally denied entry into Georgia, but no documentary evidence was provided about the reasons for this decision.

Myglan already 15 hours no contact with associates, according to the project’s Facebook page.

Igor Myglan moved to Georgia in 2022, immediately after the start of the full-scale Russian invasion of Ukraine. In April of the same year, he, along with other activists, organized the Emigration for Action project, which helps Ukrainian refugees stranded in Georgia. The project provides medicines to citizens of Ukraine, and also conducts educational and charitable events in their support.

Since the start of Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine, Russian opposition politicians, independent journalists, human rights defenders and activists have been repeatedly denied entry into Georgia. Sometimes the reason is that they had previously visited self-proclaimed Abkhazia, but most often the reasons are not given. In the last two years, entry was denied, for example, to Alexander Arkhangelsky, Viktor Shenderovich, Philip Dzyadko, Mitya Aleshkovsky.

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