The elected Sheikh Zayed Club Board of Directors submits a grievance to the Minister of Youth

The elected Board of Directors of the Sheikh Zayed Club submitted a grievance to the Minister of Youth and Sports, Dr. Ashraf Sobhi asks to reconsider his decision to freeze the council and appoint a temporary committee to manage the club’s affairs.

The grievance memorandum stated that the council did not obtain its right stipulated in the law and the guiding and financial regulations (Article 75) that the administrative authority must notify The Authority (the Club) shall request any observations or violations to be removed or corrected and responded to within 30 days, which has not happened.


The Council believes that this violates its constitutional right to defend The same before the administrative authority resorted to governance management and the issuance of the decision to freeze and exclude, especially since a number of complaints against the club affect previous boards of directors, for which the current elected and completed board is not asked, and there is no rumor about the existence of other complaints, as they are malicious and easy to respond to with documents and evidence.

&nbsp It does not require stopping the council, which came at the will of a general assembly that is the largest in the club’s history.


It was stated in the grievance memorandum that the age of the board of directors  The team has been complete so far for one year… which is not enough to judge the success or failure of this council, which had begun a few months ago to reach consensus between its new and old members and move the wheel of work with all efficiency, which is what the minutes of the Board of Directors delivered to the Youth and Sports Directorate in Giza make clear as evidence of the turnout. New memberships and taking over the stadiums in the new club branch after 4 years, which previous councils failed to achieve. The elected council confirmed in its memorandum of grievance  The freezing decision  It was issued in contradiction to the apparent status of the club, as the club witnessed in its last months complete stability with the sports teams achieving remarkable results, and there is clear calm among the members of the association, and no member of the council was referred to any judicial authority for investigation regarding any specific crime, which is… This decision is non-existent because there is no legal basis authorizing it to issue such a decision.

The council, which was suspended, demanded that things be restored to normal, halt this decision, and even cancel it completely, stressing that the council members are honorable and appreciate the responsibility for raising the status of the club.< /p>

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