The indie group “Komsomolsk” announced the cessation of concerts shortly after a trip to Mariupol

The Moscow indie group “Komsomolsk” announced the cessation of concert activities. Before this, she canceled several concerts in the regions. The group’s statement said: “The future is vague, and the songs of “Komsomolsk” come from another time and another reality.”

The group was founded in 2017. In 2024, it consisted of two musicians: Daria Deryugina and Arina Andreeva. Spotify service reportsthat the band is listened to by about 158 ​​thousand people a month. Another 380 thousand signed on it in Yandex.Music.

In February, the publication “Medusa” stated, that the group was included in the list of artists that the Kremlin called promoters undesirable for performances. The authenticity of the list has not been confirmed; some of its participants continue to give concerts. After this, the Komsomolsk musicians performed in Melitopol in the Zaporozhye region of Ukraine. Moscow announced the annexation of the region, the city is controlled by the Russian administration.

There they played in front of preschool children in an orphanage and schoolchildren and students in a youth home. “We have made our choice and want to live in our own country, with our own people, with our own problems and our own joys. And to help people with everything we can, and specifically in our case – with a song,” the musicians said then.

This caused rejection among some of their fans, wrote “New newspaper Europe”. Now “Komsomolsk” has reported that one of the reasons for stopping the performances was the contradictions between former and current members of the team.

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