The Polish Prime Minister said that Europe has entered a “pre-war era”

Polish Prime Minister Donald Tusk, in an interview with European media, shared his views on the current development of the situation on the European continent. Europe has entered a “pre-war era,” Tusk said. He believes that if Russia achieves victory over Ukraine, no one in Europe will feel safe.

The Polish prime minister said that “war has ceased to be a concept that belongs to the past. It is very real, and it began two years ago,” Tusk emphasized.

His statements came on a day when Russia again launched a massive attack on energy facilities in Ukraine, using missiles and drones. BBC pays attention that some missiles were aimed at targets in the Lviv region, bordering Poland. The Polish command reported that during the shelling, planes of the Polish Air Force and NATO countries were scrambled.

Tusk commented on the statements of the Russian authorities that the Ukrainian authorities were allegedly involved in the terrorist attack in Moscow’s Crocus City Hall. Putin’s words about Ukraine’s involvement in the attack indicate his “clear desire to justify increasingly brutal attacks on civilian targets in Ukraine,” the Polish prime minister noted. He emphasized that this week Russia struck Kyiv with hypersonic missiles for the first time.

In his first interview since returning as Poland’s prime minister, Tusk called on European governments to do more to improve security.

Regardless of who wins the US presidential election – Donald Trump or Joe Biden, Europe will become a more profitable partner for Washington if it relies more on itself in defense matters, Donald Tusk said.

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