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The Presidency of Religious Affairs activates guidance robots in several languages ​​to enrich the experience of those visiting the Grand Mosque

The Presidency of Religious Affairs of the Grand Mosque and the Prophet’s Mosque has activated modern technology, artificial intelligence. To improve the system of religious services for those who go to the Grand Mosque in the blessed month of Ramadan, by activating robotic devices that guide those who go and perform Umrah on how to perform rituals, give fatwas, and answer questions with simultaneous translation in several languages, within the framework of its Ramadan plan; To enrich the realistic worship experience virtually, communicate with their eminent sheikhs remotely, and develop a number of introductory directives in more than one language, by controlling the robot remotely as the last ten days of the month of Ramadan approach, to highlight the outcomes of the Presidency of Religious Affairs in the month of Ramadan, and to publish gifts. And raising the beacon of guidance and moderate moderate thought, and enriching the religious experience of those who go and perform Umrah.


The head of religious affairs for the Grand Mosque and the Prophet’s Mosque, Sheikh Dr. Abdul Rahman Al-Sudais, said: Harnessing technology and investing in electronic applications digital, artificial intelligence; To enrich the experience of visitors; One of the pillars of the presidency’s plan is to convey the moderate message of the Two Holy Mosques to the world in several languages, facilitate the provision of guidance, and activate qualitative, legal, scientific, advocacy, awareness-raising, and guidance initiatives.


The guidance robot supports ( 11) Language; The languages ​​are: “Arabic”, “English”, “French”, “Russian”, “Persian”, “Turkish”, “Malay”, “Urdu”, “Chinese”. “Bengali”, “Hausa”, and the robot has a (21) inch screen; Touch-screen, and can be used for a number of services of interest to those visiting the Grand Mosque. From directing, guiding, educating, and answering questions.


The robot features a flexible system, which allows for smart stopping and smooth movement, and a high-resolution front and bottom camera system, which allows for capturing a surrounding image of the place. , high-quality headphones and microphone, and the robot operates on the “Wi-Fi” wireless network system, at a speed of (5) GHz.


 On the other hand, it did Presidency of Religious Affairs at the Grand Mosque and the Prophet’s Mosque, “Answering Questioners” offices In the Two Holy Mosques in several languages, as the last ten days of the blessed month of Ramadan approach; To respond to the inquiries of legitimate pilgrims and pilgrims, guide them, and raise their level of religious awareness, in accordance with the presidential plan for the holy month of Ramadan. To raise awareness among visitors and visitors of the Two Holy Mosques, and to respond to their religious inquiries, by their eminences; Investing in digitization technology, modern communications, and smart applications.


 ‏The Presidency of Religious Affairs also seeks to develop and prepare sites that answer questions; To include all sites in the Two Holy Mosques and their courtyards, and to publish more legal guidance and guidebooks in international languages. So that the religious message of the Two Holy Mosques may spread to all nationalities of pilgrims and visitors, and address them in their own language, as the “Answer to Questioners” offices work. To respond to legal inquiries by eminent scholars, in addition to two toll-free numbers designated for answering: (8001222400), (8001222100), according to the religious system’s plan for the holy month of Ramadan.



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