The Russian Defense Minister inspects the implementation of defense orders in the military-industrial complex

Russian Defense Minister, Sergei Shoigu, inspected the processes of executing defense orders at the institutions of the military industrial complex in the Russian Altai region. 


The ministry stated in a statement today, Saturday, that The Russian Defense Minister inspected the implementation of state requests in the field of defense at the institutions of the military industrial complex in the Altai Territory, and the production processes of complex components for weapons, aviation components and anti-aircraft munitions. 


The statement confirmed Since 2022, the production of the industrial complex has increased by 3.5 times, and the production base is actively developing, new sites are being opened and additional production facilities are being built,” noting that last year about 300 new machines were installed in various production sites.

< p>The Minister directed to accelerate the process of building new production facilities for military production.

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