The Russian Foreign Ministry declared the Moldovan diplomat persona non grata

The Russian Foreign Ministry, in connection with the expulsion of a Russian diplomat from Chisinau, declared an employee of the Moldovan embassy in Moscow persona non grata. The Russian Foreign Ministry also summoned Ambassador Lilian Darius and protested against him.

On March 19, the Moldovan Foreign Ministry expelled one of the employees of the Russian embassy in Chisinau from the country. The reason was the opening of polling stations for the Russian presidential elections in the self-proclaimed Transnistria. On the same day, the Moldovan side refused to allow the Russian delegation to attend the session of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, which will be held in Chisinau in May.

To the Moldovan diplomat today statedthat Chisinau “deliberately abuses the status of the host country and openly politicizes the activities of the UN organization.”

“Such arbitrariness of the Moldovan authorities grossly violates their commitment to ensure equal participation of all member states in this event,” the Foreign Ministry noted.

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