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This weekend, we’re changing the time: does that save money?

This Saturday evening, we’re changing the time, that’s it already 48 years that successive governments, since Giscard d’Estaing in 1976, have moved our clocks forward or backward every year. Decryption with Fanny Guinochet.

franceinfo: Does this time change really make it possible, on an individual scale, to make savings?

Fanny Guinochet: You are right to ask the question, because originally in 1976, that was the aim of the operation: the time changes aimed to save energy, by reducing artificial lighting times in the evening. By adapting our days to natural sunshine, which varies throughout the year, the government hoped to reduce energy bills.

There latest study of Ademe concerning the impact of the time change on energy consumption dates from 2010, and in reality, the agency estimated that in fact, the Energy and CO2 savings remain modest, with almost zero implementation costs. There is still debate about whether or not to keep this time change, mBut, nonetheless, even small, any savings are worth taking.

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