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United Nations: 1,554 people were killed in 3 months in Haiti as a result of gang violence

The Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights said that gang violence in Haiti


The office described, in a report published on its official website Today, Thursday, the situation in the Caribbean country is “catastrophic,” stressing that all these practices are heinous and must stop immediately.


The report documents 4,451 murders last year and 1,554 cases. From the beginning of this year until March 22, with the escalation of violence.


The report indicated that the deaths resulted from killings in residents’ homes due to civilians’ alleged support for the police, rival gangs, or in the streets. Densely populated areas due to exchanges of gunfire or snipers, and in one case, the victim was a three-month-old child.


The report called for the imposition of stricter national and international controls to stop the smuggling of weapons and ammunition into Haiti. .

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